We have created some free GPTs for you to use.

These are not the full blown PMR2 but, hey… they are free!

NOTE: GPTs only work if you have a ChatGPT Plus account

GPTs to support your PMP Preparation:

Learn and practice your knowledge for your PMP exam

Discuss and Learn with PMR2.GPT

Verify your eligibility for the PMP Exam

Click and tell PMR2.GPT about your project experience.

GPTs to support your Project Management activities:

“PMR2 Note Taker”

will pay attention to you as a “active listener”, helps your thoughts evolve, and then summarizes your thoughts when you finally say: “Done. Please summarize”.

The “Risk identification facilitator”

will help project managers in structuring the approach to risk identification. Not delegation but a support in thinking through their project risks thougroughly and in a structured manner.